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Call Today To schedule Your Fall Core Aeration:

Most summer months in Southern Maryland are severe and many lawns will be in need of bare spot repair and re-seeding to ensure a beautiful lawn this Fall and next Spring.

What is Core Aeration?

Core Lawn Aeration is one of the most important steps to a beautiful lawn. Best performed in the Fall Core Aeration removes a round soil plug from the lawn that is approximately 1-1.5" inches long. This enables oxygen to enter the ground, aids in breaking up compacted thatch and loosens up hardened soil. After the aeration is the best time to re-seed a lawn and apply a early F​all lawn fertilizer. In Maryland the best grass seed is of the Tall Fescue variety and is formulated for the climate of Maryland. Island Lawn Care is certified by the State of Maryland in what we do. We are Licensed Fertilizer Applicators as required by the new Fertilizer Laws of 2013.

When is the best time to apply grass seed?

The only time to seed a Lawn is early to late Fall.(Sept through Oct) due to outside temperatures being much cooler. The seed can develop a good root system that will continue to develop during the cold months. Seed that is spread during the Spring/Summer months does not have a chance to develop a root system before the possibility of severe heat and drought associated with the summer months. It is best to aerate or cultivate the ground before spreading grass seed. Seed that is spread on hard non aerated/cultivated ground only has a 12% germination rate as opposed to 80%.

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